Construction Boy

Construction Boy

Construction Boy

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Imagine a cheerful little outfit bursting with sunshine and playful energy! This baby boy bodysuit features a cozy hooded neckline in soft yellow fabric, trimmed with a contrasting blue edge. The front of the bodysuit boasts a long, sunshine-yellow zipper that stretches all the way down, making diaper changes a breeze. But the real eye-catcher is the beautiful construction worker embroidery. Picture a smiling construction worker, perhaps wearing a hard hat and carrying a toolbox, adding a touch of playful charm to the outfit.

The rest of the bodysuit is crafted from a comfortable blue fabric, offering a delightful contrast to the yellow accents. Snap closures run up and down the legs, ensuring a snug and comfy fit for your little one.

    • Hooded: Provides warmth and comfort for the head and ears.
    • Snap closure up and down: Makes diaper changes and dressing quick and easy.
    • Long yellow zipper: Adds a fashionable touch and potentially allows for easier layering.
    • Yellow and blue color scheme: A cheerful and playful combination.



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