Little Lightyear Look

Little Lightyear Look

سعر عادي LE 520.00

Calling all Space Rangers! This Disney outfit is the perfect way for your little adventurer to blast off into style.

The set features a crisp white, 100% cotton t-shirt with a bold Buzz Lightyear graphic. Imagine your little one proudly sporting Buzz's iconic green and purple suit, ready to take on any adventure. The comfortable sky blue shorts complete the look, making this outfit perfect for playtime or a casual day out.


  • Comfort: Soft cotton allows for all-day play without irritation.
  • Durability: Cotton is known for its resilience, making this outfit perfect for active little boys.
  • Easy care: Cotton is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Style: The classic pairing of a white tee and blue shorts is always a winner, and the Buzz Lightyear graphic adds a touch of Disney magic.
  • Imagination: The Buzz Lightyear print will spark your child's imagination and inspire them to create their own space adventures.

It comes with Three Colors :

  • White * Sky Blue 
  • Sky Blue * Green 
  • Yellow * Purple 

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